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Office of Transportation Services

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The Office of Transportation Services is a team of over twenty-eight people dedicated to serving the transportation needs of all District 103 students and families. Our commitment by each individual is, "to provide safe, timely, and efficient transportation services to our student learners."

We are dedicated to transporting students in a safe and timely manner which will enable all students to arrive safely, ready to learn, at school every morning and will enable all students to arrive home safely every afternoon.

D103 Dispatch Office: (847) 295-8258

Summer School Transportation

Bell Schedule


School Hours

Early Childhood:
AM Early Childhood: 8;30 AM - 11:00 AM
PM Early Childhood: 12:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Extended Day Early Childhood: 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Full Day: 8:15 AM - 2:45 PM
AM Kindergarten: 8:15 AM - 11:05 PM

PM Kindergarten: 11:55 AM - 2:45 PM

Grades 1 & 2:
8:15 AM - 2:45 PM

Grades 3-5:

9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Grades 6-8:

8:30 AM - 3:35 PM


8:10 AM - 3:15 PM

Early Release Times:


11:15 AM

Daniel Wright:

11:30 AM

Half Day:
12:00 PM

Camberley Club Address Ranges

Camberley Club Development

The Camberley Club addresses below are within the district's attendance boundary.

Contact Us

Contact Information

Address: 1370 N. Riverwoods Rd.

Lincolnshire, IL 60069

Phone: 847-295-8258

Fax: 847-295-9196


Anthony Mendoza, CDPT
Director of Transportation


Mr. Mendoza oversees the transportation department. Driving a school bus is the primary job of the office staff listed below. When they are not driving, they assist in the office. The D103 Transportation Department is successful only due to the team work and dedication of all of our school bus drivers, monitors and crossing guards!

Wayne McGee
Fleet Manager/Lead Driver


Mr. McGee oversees maintenance of the school bus fleet.

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Department Procedures


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for transportation services? No. D103 does not charge a fee for transportation services.

What company does the district use for transportation? The drivers and monitors are employees of D103. An outside company is not used.

Who qualifies for transportation? Every student in D103 is assigned a bus and has a seat on the bus whether the student uses it or not.

Are there cameras on the school buses? Yes. Every school bus is equipped with a camera system that records video and sound.

Can parents view the school bus camera footage? No. Because there are other students who will be shown in the video, due to confidentiality, footage is only viewed by district personnel with a need to know.

We have a joint custody situation. Does the district accommodate these situations? Yes. As long as both guardians reside within the school district boundary, we are happy to make accommodations for pick up and drop off. Please click here to fill out the request.

My child left something on the bus. What do we do? Feel free to contact our dispatch office at: (847) 295-8258. Please have your student's bus number and the name of the school they attend when you call. All lost and found items are brought in at the end of the day, placed in specific school bins, then delivered the next day at noon with the interoffice mail.

My child will not need the bus today. Do we need to call? It is not mandatory, but it is appreciated.

My child hasn't ridden the bus for months but I need them to ride the bus tomorrow. Is this possible? Yes. However, you will want to contact the transportation department to ensure the pick up/drop off time and location has not changed.

What kind of training do school bus drivers have? Our drivers have received both classroom and behind the wheel instruction and are also First Aid & CPR Certified. They also receive training in transporting students with special needs and attend annual refresher classes through the Regional Office of Education. Once a month, we hold our Monthly Safety Meeting.

My child uses a day care provider. May my student ride the bus? Yes. As long as the day care is within district boundaries, we will transport. You will need to register for this transportation. You can find the form by clicking here.

Who should I report my address or telephone number changes to? The school should be contacted as soon as possible with all address and telephone number changes. The school will put the information into PowerSchool allowing visibility by the Transportation Department.

I got home late in the afternoon and I cannot find my child. What do I do? Calling the transportation office is a good place to start. We have quick access to your bus driver and we are able to use the two-way radio to check. While we're on the radio with the driver, the dispatcher will also call the school to see if the child stayed after school for an activity or to see if someone else picked up your child from school.

Can my child ride another bus or have a friend ride their bus home with them? Only under extreme last minute emergencies and if there is space availability. We do not accommodate play dates or parties after school.

Are students allowed to eat or drink on the school bus? The primary responsibility of the school bus driver is to transport children to and from school, between attendance centers or on extracurricular trips safely. To do that, the driver must keep his/her eyes on the road, mindful of the movement of traffic around the school bus. The driver also has responsibility to control the conduct of students on the bus. The close-spaced, high seat backs prevent the driver from seeing all of the activities of the students on the bus, including eating. Depending on the circumstances, the driver may not be able to reach a child in time to prevent the child from choking to death. Coaches or other teachers or chaperones on extracurricular trips are not necessarily certified to administer first aid in an emergency. The driver is ultimately responsible for what happens on the school bus.

Kindergarten Transportation

Kindergarten Transportation

For the safety of your kindergarten child, it is our established practice to have a parent/guardian or sibling meet your kindergarten child when the bus driver drops them off at your child's bus stop. Please make certain that they know their way home or meet them at the bus stop. The safety of your child is the number one concern of the Office of Transportation Services once they are dropped off. We strongly encourage you to be at your child's bus stop.

All kindergarten students will be picked up and dropped off as close to their home as possible. However, should there be multiple kindergarten students within a few houses, one central bus stop will be used. We ask that students be outside at their bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time.

It is recommended that you place an ID tag on your child's backpack. The information should include: child's name, address, phone number, and day care information (where to be picked up and dropped off daily). Please consider taking the time to teach your child his/her address and phone number, so in the event his/her ID tag is lost, the driver will be able to get your child home.

If your child is a bus rider, it is important to have your child ride the bus the first week of school. This will allow the driver to know who will be riding so the route can be adjusted to get the students to and from school in a timely manner.

Please have your child utilize a backpack so that his/her hands are free to grab handrails when getting on and off the bus. When exiting the bus, be aware of clothing with drawstrings; also, don't have toys attached or hanging down backpacks as these items could get caught in the handrails of doors of the bus.

Let your child know that they will need to listen to the bus driver and follow their directions to keep them safe.

If you need to contact the Office of Transportation Services the first few weeks of school, please understand that there is a high volume of calls during this time, and it may be difficult to get through. Our phone number: (847) 295-8258.

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